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Photos & Videos 2011-12

Photos & Videos 2011-12


Beginning Bing with a Big Bang
The first Shabbat of Fall 2011 saw a record crowd fill the Chabad Center to overflowing. The evening began with munchies and "mocktails", candle lighting and services, included a full course, home cooked dinner and didn't end until the last people left after enjoying the dessert buffet, singing, networking, shmoozing and making new friend, in the wee hours of the morning.

The eye of the Storm was in the hole of the Bagel
It was raining cats,dogs and giraffes, the winds were high and talk of the East Coast Hurricane was everywhere but that didn't stop 150 freshmen from coming to the Freshmen Welcome Bagel Bust for great brunch, ice breaking games, tye-dying the cool Chabad t-shirt and more than anything else- the chance to become a part of one of the most vibrant Jewish communities on any campus today!
Photos by P. Garret

An Event with Sizzle
Over 450 students flocked to Chabad's Welcome Back BBQ for the food, the fun, the cool people and the unbeatable sense of community. Jewish BU rocks!
Photos by P. Garret
As the new year started, Chabad Downtown was humming! Dozens of students enjoyed the kebabs and the great company.
Photos by P. Garret
The Impossible Spy, a movie recreating the story of Eli Cohen, Israel's most famous spy, was screened in anticipation of Jewish Hero Shabbat at which Avraham Cohen, Eli's brother, related little known details of Eli's life and times. This program was co-sponsored by BUZO
Sep. '11
The new and improved version of Supper and Study has been embraced by an enthusiastic group of students who are enjoying a weekly BBQ dinner before their hour of Chevrutat style (peer to peer) study.
In the face of the floods, the annual Piaker Memorial Lecture had to be rescheduled. Despite the short notice almost 100 people gathered to hear Avraham Cohen, brother of Eli Cohen, Israel's most famous spy, tell of his brother's life and times. Before Mr. Cohen's remarks, the documentary, Undercover in Damascus was screened.
Photos by P. Garret
Hundreds of students attended a moving ceremony to commemorate ten years from 9/11 organized by the Chabad Center in cooperation with Binghamton University and the BU alumni office. Members of the BU administration as well as student representatives offered remarks. Special homage was paid to the 15 BU alumni who fell on that day. Following the ceremony, the huge crowd braved the torrential downpour and went forward with the walk a thon, dubbed Walk to Remember. Over $8,000 was raised to benefit the Twin Tower Orphan Fund and first responders. It was decided that a large percentage of the funds raised will benefit the flood relief efforts in the Southern Tier.
Photos by P. Garret
Over 1800 good deeds were done/pledged at the annual Mitzvah (good deed) Marathon held in commemoration of 9/11 this year. A record number of people donated blood in what has become BU's largest blood drive. Students also made PB&J sandwiches, donned tefillin, donated food to CHOW, decorated cards for soldiers on the front, donated to various charities local and abroad as well as visiting the local elderly and infirm as well as other Mitzvot.
Photos by P. Garret
It was all delicious and Greek at the annual Inter-Greek Chabad sponsored BBQ where hundreds of students in and/or interested in the fraternity/sorority scene enjoyed each other's company and networked.
Photos by P. Garret
Apple Picking in the Southern Tier on a brilliant Sunday afternoon is a Binghamton classic and a Chabad tradition. An enthusiastic and large group of over 60 students made for the orchards on Sept. 18 and enjoyed the crisp, sunny afternoon and the delicious apples. A small group turned their pickings into treats in the Chabad kitchen where they baked apple kugel and crisp.
Lucky attendees enjoyed, food, music and decorations from around the world at Chabad's opening Cafe Nite for this year. "It was hard to remember that we are on Murray Hill Rd in Vestal" enthused one participant. "And the food was great!."
Photos by J. Heisler
The girls got together for the first of their monthly gatherings in honor of Rosh Chodesh and enjoyed the great bonding and fun that these events have become famous for and the Sushi was better than ever!
Photos by P. Garret
Who said the Guys are uninterested in some healthy fun and bonding? These guys are man enough to tell you they had a great time!
Very little can rival the enjoyment of creating one's challah from scratch unless it's the gratification that comes from knowing that one of those Challahs will go to someone whose day-- and life-- will be brightened by the gesture. And those uniquely designed Loaves of Love aprons were the cherry on top of a perfect -- and delicious -- program.
Photos P. Garret
Fall Semester '11
A large and enthusiastic group of volunteers has joined the Dr. Barry Raff Maasim Tovim Foundation this year and has been busy with hospital and elder care facility visitations, pre- holiday programs and visitations in which challas and honey cakes were distributed and flood relief efforts which had groups fanned out to work in homes and businesses that were damaged by the flood.
Chabad's services were soulful and accessible as university space was converted into a sanctuary for 26 hours. After the Shofar was blown, the evening service was held, Havdallah was made and then the assembled enjoyed a bagel and cream cheese break fast.
Photos by P. Garret
This is a Binghamton tradition that is fun and delicious. What can be better than a ribs, BBQ and sides extravaganza plus great music and all your best friends? Nothing, of course!
Photos by P. Garret
Fall '11
It rained and rained but we did not back down. Despite inclement weather we still managed to eat many meals in the huge Chabad sukkah and bring the Sukkah mobile and pop up sukkot onto the BU campus as well as SUNY in Oneonta, so hundreds could do the great mitzvahs of Sukkot while "on the go."
Photos by P. Garret
AEPhi sisters prepared for Pink Shabbat at Chabad Downtown. The braids and ribbon-shaped challahs were topped with pink sprinkles and tasted great! This educational and enjoyable event was in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month.
Photos by P. Garret