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FAQ's - Summer 2017

FAQ's - Summer 2017


Mayanot Birthright Free trips to Israel - Summer 2017

Frequently Asked Questions

Regarding the current situation in Israel:
In answer to concerns received: No trips are ever canceled. Mayanot, and Taglit-Birthright Israel maintain that it is safe to run trips at this and at all times the trips have been run. In over 15 years of the program, there has never been a security incident. The itineraries and locations of the groups are edited and changed immediately, should the slightest concern arise.

While we don't know what will be in the next few months, we hope that it will stay calm and that things will operate at capacity once again shortly after that. You are encouraged to see lots of articles and testimonials of the most recent alumni on the Mayanot blog,

Q: What are the dates of the trip?
A: The Binghamton trip will be traveling on June 4, 2017. If you prefer not go then, we will try to place you on a general trip or with a different school group

Q: Will I get on a trip or end up on a wait-list like lots of people I know?
A: 1) To be placed on priority acceptance click here:
2) Every Binghamton University student who applied and put in their deposit on time for this past summer and winter trips ended up being offered a seat. Priority is given to students who register and get their deposits in on-time.

Q: How much does it cost to go on a Birthright Israel trip?
A: As you probably know, the trip is free! When you apply, you will need to submit a $250 deposit, but it's not locked in until you're confirmed on a trip and it's returned when you get back.

Q: What's the registration process like?
A: It's easy - on the day registration opens go to the Mayanot Birthright Israel website ( and sign up! You'll need to fill out a few forms, submit your deposit, and upload a picture of yourself.

Q: What's security like on the trip?
A: Mayanot trips are very safe - for complete security information, direct your parents to this site:

Q: The trip is only 10 days long. What if you want to stay longer?
A: Trip extensions are common and encouraged! For complete information, visit

Q: Is there an observance level that is required for trip acceptance?
A: Not at all! The only requirement for Mayanot trips is that every participant has at least one Jewish parent. If you are looking for a trip that includes religious services and such, please let me know.

Q: But I've always wanted to go to Israel with my best friends from home!
A: Mayanot Israel is a campus-based trip - it's not campus-exclusive! You can invite anyone to register for a Mayanot trip - friends from home, siblings, etc. We can't promise you can be together, but we will try. Be sure they select the Binghamton University group and put your name down as a friend they want to travel with.

Q: What does the itinerary of th
e trip look like?

Most importantly, be ready to register and put in a deposit!!! (You can always cancel later, for a full refund of your deposit, if something else comes up.)

If you or your parents have any questions or concerns, please email us: and we'll be happy to answer them.

To be placed on priority for acceptance, for important updates and to register click here