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Photos & Videos 2012-13

Photos & Videos 2012-13

New students mingled with returning upper classpersons as they munched on Chabad's fresh pizza and got acquainted.
Welcome activities for the year 2012 began in earnest with Shabbat; the Chabad Center was packed, spirits were high.
Photos by T. Constance

Freshmen, freshmen were everywhere at the Bagel Bust held just for them. Great breakfast food, ice breaking games and tie dying Chabad t-shirts helped ease the way for those new to the Binghamton scene.
Of course, no school year beginning is complete without Chabad's now famous BBQ. Great food, people and energy made for a perfect way to meet new people and welcome back the "oldies."
We're off to a great start!
Photos by T. Constance
Apple picking in the Fall and a new school year have become inextricably bound in tradition at Chabad. The activity is made sweeter yet, with the making of pies, crumble and kugel with the freshly picked apples. What a way to make new friends!
Photos by J. Heisler
A huge group of women "rushed" the premier Girl's Night Out celebrating Rosh Chodesh Tishrei for 2012-2013 and enjoyed Sushi rolling with a professional chef, delicious treats and an evening of female bonding that left them anticipating the next GNO event. Great t-shirts too!
Photos by I. Berman
The memory of 9/11 is fading quickly which makes it all the more important to keep it alive. For the 10th year running, Chabad held a Mitzvah Marathon in which hundreds of students participated by doing a good deed in memory of one of the day's victims. The effort also included the single largest blood drive held at BU each year.
Photos by J. Cohen, J. Heisler & T. Constance
A large group of community members ( of all ages) joined BU students in a program designed for participants to learn more about 1. the mitzvah of Challah,2. the technique of Challah making and 3. the joy of giving to others. Each participants kneaded and shaped two loaves: one to keep and enjoy, and the other to give away to someone who might otherwise not have a Challah. Challahs will be distributed through the JFS, We Remember High Holiday program and through Chabad's Raff Maasim Tovim Foundation. All in all participants said the program was well, delicious!
Photos by I. Berman
A hearty group of first year students enjoyed an historic tour of downtown Binghamton led by native son, Charles Gilinsky, a game of laser tag, a pizza lunch and a trip to Wegman's. Now they can say they know their new home!
Brothers, sisters , pledges and not yet pledges all came out in force to enjoy the annual Chabad Inter-Greek BBQ.
Great food, fun and friends were enjoyed by all.
Photos by T. Constance
It's been a Holiday Marathon but the dedicated students of Chabad are up for the task, pitching in to volunteer in the kitchen to churn out the thousands of dinners consumed over Sukkot, to move tables and chairs and decorate the Sukkah. Yishar Kochachem- more power to you all!


Wherever you went on campus, a lulav and etrog where never too far, making it really easy for Binghamton's Jews to do fulfill this special mitzvah.
Photos by I. Berman
Move over State St. the real scene on Thursday night (of Sukkot) was in the Chabad sukkah were hundreds enjoyed a favorite Binghamton tradition fondly known as Jazzukah.
Aside from the great food (yes, awesome ribs, BBQ and sides) the Chabad band rocked out, Binghamton's Circus club performed- even juggling fire-- and the crowd as moved to its feet in some spirited dancing.
Photos by I. Berman
Residents of CIW gather for a community musical havdallah.
Look out for a havdallah ceremony in your community, coming soon!
Photos by I. Berman
About 150 community members enjoyed a lecture on Mind Control delivered by Dr. Gil Heart at the seventeenth annual Pauline and Philip Piaker Memorial lecture.
Participants heard from Heart about a special operation he was involved in while in an elite IDF unit, about the mind control necessary to successfully execute such an operation and how these techniques can be utilized by each person on a daily basis.
Great game of basketball, great pizza dinner and great prize for the winning team: deluxe sandwiches at the Metropolis Deli. Hey Benjamin, when is the next event?
The nearly fifty girls who came to the GNO enjoyed loving themselves with smoothies and other great healthy snacks, a mind expanding lecture by Prof. Wegman on body image and an uber fun, interactive (texting) game that had people laughing.
Photos by I. Berman
During family weekend scores of families joined their children at Chabad to enjoy the famous Shabbat at Chabad experience which ended with Havdallah and for some, with a Sunday bagel brunch
People are always hungry for yet another Challah Baking session with Hadasa. It's the chance to learn how to mix, knead and shape the world's most delicious bread!
Photos by T. Constance
Almost fifty students enjoyed a Paintballling trip that absolutely rocked, make that socked!
The girls had a blast at the Girls Nite Out event in honor of Rosh Chodesh Kislev: making donuts and potato latkes from scratch. They also enjoyed a dreidel spinning game that hit the spot.
Photos by J. Torregrossa