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We can’t record the priceless scenes as hundreds of students fill the Chabad Center to celebrate Shabbat and Jewish holidays. It is impossible to track the friendships forged, the confidences exchanged, the laughs shared, the lessons absorbed, and the inspiration gleaned. But we do invite you to scroll through the thousands of pics and view the footage in our gallery to get an idea of the constant buzz of activity at Chabad. 

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April 30, 2017
BNO: The guys had a smashing time on the range at Legends Golf Center!

Photos by: C.Vilinsky
April 25, 2017
The final GNO for the academic year included personal pizza making with a variety of outrageously delicious toppings!

Photos by L. Appelbaum
April 21, 2017
Scholar in residence,Mr. Martin Lowenberg enthralled students with the stories of his life & in his insights as a holocaust survivor of 5 concentration camps.
Friday afternoon,shortly before candle lighting, he affixed a mezuzah to the front door of Chabad which was encased in a cover he had fashioned. The base was made of wood that had come from a cattle car used to transport Jews during the Holocaust to their deaths.
"I cannot think of a more appropriate place for this historic mezuzah than the Chabad Center, a robust center for Jewish life serving thousands of Jewish students" said Lowenberg. "I want every student to kiss this Mezuzah and never forget it's message: Am Yisroel Chai
April 19, 2017
At Chabad we love all types of celebrations! Students enjoyed the Moroccan custom of Post- Pesach Mimoona with especially prepared moroccan delicacies and music.
April 5, 2017
Binghamton Mayor, Richard. C. Davis hosted a delegation from Chabad who came to receive the Proclamation Davis issued designating , Friday, April 7 (which corresponded to the Rebbe's birthday) Education and Sharing Day in Binghamton. Hundreds of mayors in cities around the US similarly designated the Rebbe's birthday as a day for reflection on the importance of education.
April 2, 2017
The Chabad student community works so hard, they deserve to play hard as well and boy did they ever at Chabad's first Formal. The elegant decor, scrumptious food, music, ambiance and words shared all made it a night that will be not be soon forgotten.

Photos by: K.Sussy & D.Grafman
March 31, 2017
It's hard to explain the spirit and electricity felt in the Event Center as almost 2,000 BU students gathered to celebrate Shabbat together. The Y-Studs were awesome, the dancing rousing, the candle lighting inspiring and plentiful food, delicious. The Kabalat Shabbat that followed was simply off the charts.
It was a night to remember!

Photos by: J.Cohen, D.Grafman & M.Peng
March 30-31, 2017
What does it take to prepare Shabbat dinner for 1800? First and foremost, the unparalleled generosity of spirit and hard, hard work of the wonderful student volunteers at BU. Simply incredibele!
Then it takes truckloads of food and supplies and hundreds of hours.

Photos by: L.Appelbaum & Chabad
March 27, 2017
What better way to prepare for Pesach than with a "Seder" replete with delicious chocolate treats and equally delightful array of Divrei Torah prepared by participants?
Photos by: D.Grafman
March 20, 2017
Challah Baking Workshop
A perennial favorite : it never gets old.
Participants enjoyed mixing, kneading and shaping the best bread in the world!

Photos by: D.Grafman
March 16, 2017
Fashion for a Cure - a whole new level!
Fashion for a Cure featured two great dance performances, a solo vocal, incredibly moving and educational remarks, fabulous raffle prizes, outrageous desserts and a phenomenal ":Around the World" themed fashion show. And to top it all off? we raised $8,000 to send to Sharsheret!
Binghamton students are THE best!

Photos by: D.Grafman, L.Appelbaum & R.Panitz
March 12, 2017
Great Joy at Fabulous Purim Feast!
Another memorable Purim Feast at Chabad Binghamton with food from Dougies, great music by Schneur and an unrivaled spirit. The house rocked and the dancing was epic. Really!

Photos by: K.Sussy, L.Appelbaum & G.Heller
March 12, 2017
A cadre of students that are part of the Raff Maasim Tovim Foundation fanned out across Binghamton to visit the elderly in area facilities and bring them a bit of Purim cheer.
March 11-12, 2017
Purim night Chabad was bursting by the seams with students excited to hear the Megillah and begin celebrating Purim.
Throughout Purim day, the Megillah was read on multiple occasions in multiple locations. Binghamton does Purim right!

Photos by: K.Sussy & Chabad
March 9, 2017
Binghamton's Purim Carnival Glows
The Purim Carnival Extravaganza is an almost three decade long Binghamton University but this year saw the first ever Glow in the Dark Purim Carnival ! An amazing time was had by one and all.

Photos by: D.Grafman, K.Paredes & L.Appelbaum
February 27, 2017
All in for Israel

Chabad students never cease to think about the wider Jewis community. To benefit the victims of the fires that swept through Israel some time ago, students organized an elegant game night at Chabad which was well attended, roundly enjoyed and raised some good money, Kol Hakavod!

Photos by: K.Paredes
February 26, 2017
Purim is in the air...

Ha mantas hen in a variety of flavors were baked to enjoy and to share with area seniors through the Raff Masson Tovim Foundation. What can be more fun and delicious?

Photos by: D.Benzaquen
February 23-25, 2017
Students enjoyed a wide variety of desserts on Friday night and Cholents at Shabbat day lunch. While only one dessert and one Cholent was voted as absolutely best, everyone at Chabad that Shabbat was a winner and enjoyed the awesome foods!
February 23, 2017
GNO participants enjoyed a fabulous night of guided painting. Great mocktails, pastries , fruit and lots of laughter made it truly memorable. Not to mention the masterpieces girls took home.

Photos by: D.Panbehchi
February 20, 2017
Boys get their chance to Roll

Roll Sushi that is. Boys Night Out was a great time for all!

Photos by: D.Grafman