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Joining hundreds of others cities, Binghamton, for the first time this year, sported an impressive car menorah parade comprised of over thirty vehicles. The procession of vehicles, each equipped with a Menorah atop its roof, proceeded from Downtown Binghamton to Vestal and concluded at Binghamton University after driving around the brain.

The popular car Menorah parades are one more way Chabad-Lubavitch has been spreading Jewish pride and awareness on the festival that commemorates the struggle for religious freedom.

Directed by Big Drew Grafix
Almost 1700 students gathered at the annual "Shabbat 1500" program at which they enjoyed a traditional Shabbat dinner highlighted by singing , dancing, some words about the meaning of Shabbat ,and the Shabbat rituals including candle-lighting, kiddush and Hamotzi . "It was an amazing sight-- an awesome display of Jewish pride and unity" said student organizers.

Video taken before the onset of Shabbat

Video written, filmed and edited by David Mirsky '13
Orange balloons, orange t-shirts and red hot energy transformed the BU
campus on Monday, March 19 with the execution of a "Balloon
Bombardment" that advertised Shabbat 1500 set to take place Friday,
March 23, 2012 in the university Event Center. The Balloon festooned
campus heralded this grand event in grand style and reminded people to
get on line and reserve their seat at the huge Shabbat dinner at
Hamantashen and Rugelach Bake Off 3/4/12
Ever wonder how Hamantashen are made? In this episode of Chabad 72 find out how Hamantashen are made in 10 easy steps with these lucky students who joined Chabad's Hamantashen & Rugelach Bake Off on Sunday, March 4th 2012. A portion of the Rugelach and Hamantashen baked at this event will be distributed to Jewish residents in the local nursing homes and hospitals through the Barry Raff Maasim Tovim Foundation.

Video filmed & edited by Alex Goldstein '12
Welcome Back with Sushi - 2/1/12
Hundreds of students celebrated being back in Binghamton for the Spring semester at Chabad's Sushi event. The Sushi, soups, salads and desserts were a hit but the real excitement was generated by the pervasive sense of community.

Video filmed & edited by Alex Goldstein '12

There was a big celebration on Binghamton University's Campus Sunday and it wasn't your average college party.
Together, seven BU students celebrated a major milestone in their life.
Although a bar or bat mitzvah is traditionally held for a 13-year-old boy or 12-year-old girl...
Students at Binghamton University freeze on the Lois DeFleur Walkway of campus promoting Shabbat 1500 uniting Jewish students through a mega Shabbat celebration.

To register or to host a table at the free Shabbat dinner visit