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Photos & Videos 2008-09

Photos & Videos 2008-09



A large crowd of Freshmen students turned out to enjoy a delicious bagel breakfast featuring pancakes & omelettes plus great ice breaking games. Freshmen even got to tie-die their own Chabad T-shirt.

The event took place in the brand new Chabad Cafe/Pizza Shop & Game Room of the new Chabad Center.

The class of '12 appears to be a great new crew!
Photos by J. Munn
What a scene! It seemed like the whole campus was at Chabad’s annual Welcome BBQ. In fact, it was only 350 freshman and upperclass students. Students were greeted with a sizzling welcome to the new school year, with burgers and hot dogs, smiles, games, new friendships and horseplay abounding. A fun time was enjoyed by all.
Photos by J. Munn
Each month on Rosh Chodesh ( the first day of the Hebrew month) BU women gather to celebrate and enjoy some female bonding. The Chodesh Circle event typically features a special activity in addition to a “dvar torah”, schmoozing and refreshments.
The first Rosh Chodesh Circle event of the year drew an enthusiastic crowd
of women.
Participants got to create and design their own jewlery! A great evening was enjoyed by all.
Chodesh Circle got off to a great start this year!
Student’s living on the West Side enjoyed an informal BBQ at Chabad where they got to meet , greet and eat!

This year's Mitzvah Marathon drew over 2000 students who did mitzvot in memory of the victims of 9/11. A wall of remembrance was erected on which were hung the pictures of victims, each attached to a card which had the student's name & the mitzvah they performed in memory of the victim. Students contributed to various charities, donated blood, made PB & J sandwiches for the homeless, made get well cards for children in hospitals & holiday cards for Jewish troops, donned tefillin, said prayers, & pledged to conserve energy among other mitzvah options.

The Mitzvah Marathon is spearheaded by Chabad and co-sponsored by Hillel and JHP. The project was initiated by Chabad in 2002.
Many students enjoyed the Pre Selichot Kumzits-Fabrengen held Motzaei Shabbat, Sat. Night before the Selichot services.
Participants enjoyed inspirational songs & stories, getting everyone "in the mood" of the High Holidays and preparing us for Selichot.
The Challah Baking workshop at Chabad off Campus, with the Lewins was loads of fun for happy participants who
learned how to mix, knead, shape and bake one of the world's greatest
wonders: Fresh, home made Challah. Participants also learned about --and a
few performed --the great Mitvah of "taking Challah."
Over thirty happy Challah bakers enjoyed the Challah Baking Workshop with Hadasa at Chabad.
Participants each made their own dough from scratch and learned how to knead and shape it to perfection.
Photos by J. Munn
At the Chodesh event in honor of Tishrei ( held a week before Rosh Hashana which marks the first day of the month) participants cooked favorite Rosh Hashana foods and then enjoyed the sumptuous feast along with a discussion about the traditional foods eaten on Rosh Hashana, many of which are symbolic of specific requests made of G-d.

A special cook book which includes Rosh Hashana recipes from the families of Chodesh Circle participants was compiled for the occasion and distributed to participants.
Hundreds of students spent a meaningful Yom Kippur at Chabad services held in the Susquehanna Room of the Old Union. Pictured are some of the students who took part - a few days before Yom Kippur - in a "kapparot" ceremony with live chickens. Also pictured are students at the Havdallah ceremony following Yom Kippur
services and at the break the fast. Students partook in a light break the fast in the Susquehanna Room.
With hundreds of people expected for every one of the holiday meals in the Sukkah dedicated students banded together at Chabad to prepare for the holiday by placing the schach on the Sukkah, decorating the Sukkah and cooking up a storm.
Binghamton has the best Jewish life and the warmest and most dedicated group of student activists! Yasher Kochachem- more power to you all.
Jazzukah drew over 350 students to enjoy an evening of great food, music
and hanging out with the coolest people at BU.
The Ribs, BBQ and sides were delicious and the music by Facing East really rocked!
Photos by J.Munn

Hundreds of students at BU shook the Lulav and Etrog each day at the Chabad pop up sukkot which were set up around campus and the Sukkah Mobile which travelled across the university. Shake, shake, shake; we're bringing mitzvos on the spot to people on the go!
On a crisp Sunday afternoon a group of us decided to take advantage of "Binghamton in the Fall" and went apple picking at Apple Hills Farm in nearby Chenango. The ride was beautiful and the picking was really fun.
Way to go Women!

Participants at the Sephardic Fest Chodesh Circle event marking the month of Cheshvan enjoyed a cornucopia of treats to shock and delight the senses.

The lavish spread of Sephardic delicacies was delicious; the discussion concerning Sephardic culture and customs was stimulating and enlightening and the belly dancing to Middle Eastern Music was just plain fun, fun, fun!
Photos by J. Munn
Lucky participants had a blast at Chabad’s Cafe nite which featured a triathlon and make your own sundaes. Screams of hysterical fun could be heard throughout the center as teams vied for the winning title!
The Ice Cream was great too!
Photos by J. Munn
Chabad was fortunate to host Mr. Dan Alon as the guest speaker at the 2008 annual Piaker Memorial Lecture. On Thursday, Oct. 30, Alon held the crowd spellbound as he recounted his narrow escape from death when Arab terrorists attacked the pavilion in which the Israeli team was housed during the Munich Olympics in 1972 . Alon shared a bit of his personal history leading up to that time & his feelings & life's path after the event. But the heart of his presentation was in describing what he and his team mates, most of them, far more unlucky, went through in Olympic Village that night.
Alon spoke to a packed crowd of Binghamton students on Friday night & Shabbat.
Photos by J. Munn
Hundreds of Students, Community, Friends and Family gatherd together on SUnday November 2 to celebrate the bris ceremony-celebration of Mendel Slonim.
Photos by J. Munn
13 students from Binghamton enjoyed a fabulous Shabbaton in NYC, joining over 900 students from across the country and beyond in a fun Shabbaton.
At any given time, every day, students and staff members at Chabad are enjoying the sweet taste of Torah. Everything from Aleph Bet to Advanced Talmud; basic Jewish law to mysticism is explored in a way that is accessible and meaningful.
The best part: these are studies undertaken not for credit, grades or stipends but simply because these young Jews want to study their heritage!