Mayanot Birthright Free trips to Israel - Summer 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the dates of the trip?
A: The Binghamton trip will be traveling on May 20 2019. If you prefer not go then, we will try to place you on a general trip or with a different school group

Q: Will I get on a trip or end up on a wait-list like lots of people I know?
Every Binghamton University student who applied and put in their deposit on time for this past summer and winter trips ended up being offered a seat. Priority is given to students who register and get their deposits in on-time.

Q: How much does it cost to go on a Birthright Israel trip?
A: As you probably know, the trip is free! When you apply, you will need to submit a $250 deposit, but it's not locked in until you're confirmed on a trip and it's returned when you get back.

Q: What's the registration process like?
A: It's easy - on the day registration opens go to the Mayanot Birthright Israel website ( ) and sign up! You'll need to fill out a few forms, submit your deposit, and upload a picture of yourself.

Q: What's security like on the trip?
A: Mayanot trips are very safe - for complete security information, direct your parents to this site:

Q: The trip is only 10 days long. What if you want to stay longer?
A: Trip extensions are common and encouraged! For complete information, visit

Q: Is there an observance level that is required for trip acceptance?
A: Not at all! The only requirement for Mayanot trips is that every participant has at least one Jewish parent. If you are looking for a trip that includes religious services and such, please let me know.

Q: But I've always wanted to go to Israel with my best friends from home!
A: Mayanot Israel is a campus-based trip - it's not campus-exclusive! You can invite anyone to register for a Mayanot trip - friends from home, siblings, etc. We can't promise you can be together, but we will try. Be sure they select the Binghamton University group and put your name down as a friend they want to travel with.

Q: What does the itinerary of the trip look like?

Most importantly, be ready to register and put in a deposit!!! (You can always cancel later, for a full refund of your deposit, if something else comes up.)

If you or your parents have any questions or concerns, please email us: and we'll be happy to answer them.