Each of us can serve as a leader. And one leader creates another and another, ad infinitum, just as one candle’s flame lights another and another, until the once-impenetrable darkness has turned to brilliant light.

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Spring 2018

Mariah Stein.jpg
Mariah Stein

Hi! My name is Mariah Stein and I am from Buffalo, New York. I am a Senior majoring in Human Development and minoring in Economics. I am a part of the Evolution Dance Company and enjoy performing, dancing, and watching sports in my free time.
Chabad at Binghamton offers not only a large Jewish community, but a family. Chabad has Shabbat dinners every Friday night, many social and learning events throughout the week, and also serves as a quiet place to study and do work. Chabad is a community that immediately welcomes you in. I spend most of my time at Chabad and have made so many amazing relationships through it. My incredible experience at Binghamton University would not be the same without Chabad. Some of my favorite events include the Mega Challah Bake, Toy Drive, Shabbat 1800, Color Run, GNO, and the Jewau.
I highly recommend getting involved in Chabad, whether it be as a leader or attending one of the many different events offered. Everyone has a place at Chabad. I cannot wait to see you there!

Ayal Goldberg.jpg
Gilad Greenstein
Vice President

Hi, my name is Gilad. I am a Senior studying mechanical engineering and I live in Greensboro, North Carolina for now. I enjoy hanging out with friends, cooking, and reading (especially really nerdy books like Harry Potter). Chabad has something for everyone whether your religious or not, which is why many consider Chabad their home. I got involved for that reason: I wanted to help Jewish students to find a place in which they can feel free to express themselves and find others who want to do the same. For all the new students coming to Binghamton, do not be afraid to ask me to repeat myself, you'll soon understand why.

Betty Cohn.jpg
Betty Cohn
Dir. of Engagement

Hi! My name is Betty Cohn and I’m from Merrick, NY. I am a junior, and I actually created my own major and titled it Biomedical Ethics, and I am minoring in Biological Anthropology. During my free time I enjoy hanging out with friends, reading, or doing gymnastics. 
Chabad at Binghamton has been a warm and welcoming environment for me since I was a freshman. It has provided me with amazing opportunities and helped me build long lasting relationships with not only students that come through the doors, but also with the Chabad staff. 
To the new students coming in, I encourage you to utilize all that Chabad has to offer. Whether it be coming on Friday nights for dinner, or to a GNO, or a major event like Shabbat 1800 there is something for everyone and partaking in these events will definitely enhance your college experience. At first it may seem overwhelming because of the amount of people, but please feel free to come talk to me to make it seem a bit less scary. Can’t wait to see you all there! 

Sarah Sayegh.JPG
Ariel Ingber

Hi!! My name is Ariel Ingber and I am from Potomac, Maryland. I am a senior majoring in Marketing. In my free time I enjoy spending time with friends and family and reading. 
Chabad at Binghamton has been a home away from home for me. It is the most open and welcoming place and is filled with people that truly want to help students in all ways possible. Chabad is where I'll look back at all of my memories from college. I've met incredible people, learned so much about Judaism and leadership, and so much more.
I hope Jewish students at Binghamton get involved as much and in any way possible with Chabad so they can see and contribute to the care and effort that so many people put into making Chabad the special place that it is. 

Zachary Alexander.jpg
Samantha Fischler

Hi! My name is Samantha Fischler and I’m from Scarsdale, New York. I’m a junior in the School of Management double majoring in Finance and Accounting. During my free time, I enjoy kickboxing, ice skating, traveling, and hanging out with family and friends.
From the minute I walked into Chabad my first Friday night at Binghamton, I felt the warmth that Chabad exudes and I quickly knew that this would be my “home away from home” during my time at Binghamton. Chabad definitely has something for everyone whether you’re looking for fun social events, home-cooked meals, or someone to learn with.
I encourage any new (or returning!) student to get involved in Chabad. It’s as easy as coming to a Friday night dinner or event such as a challah baking workshop or girl’s/guy’s night out. I hope to see you at a Chabad event soon!

Todd Spiro.JPG
Brianna Perris
Public Relations

Hi! My name is Brianna Perris and I am from Woodmere, NY. I am a junior majoring in Chemistry and hopefully this year, I will be starting research in a nanotechnology/chemistry lab on campus. During my free time, I enjoy painting, running, watching Netflix, and hanging out with my friends.
Coming from the 5 Towns, Binghamton was kind of a culture shock. However as soon as I stepped foot into Chabad that first time, I immediately felt like I was back home. Feeling the friendliness and warmth from everyone in Chabad made the transition into college so much easier, and it didn’t hurt that I instantly made friends too. The Rabbi’s were always there for me to ask questions to, whether about kosher food on campus or to help me put up my mezuzah. I even had the amazing opportunity to go to Israel on Birthright with Chabad.  
My advice to the new students would be to check out everything Chabad has to offer, because there is something for everyone. Whether it is taking a JLearn class, coming to fun events like Purim Carnival and the Color Run, or even coming for a slice of pizza at the Chabad Cafe, there is always something to do at Chabad that interests you. I can’t wait to see you all there!

Ariel Arzt.jpg
Hannah Wild 
Greek Liaison

Hi, my name is Hannah Wild and I’m a junior majoring in psychology and minoring in education. In my free time, I love hanging out with friends, reading, and being outdoors. I love coming to Chabad because it feels like anyone can belong, whether they’re really involved or just stopping by.  I’m super excited for this semester, and eager to get more members of the Greek community involved in Chabad events, while making new friends in the process! I can’t wait for this semester!

Rebeca Gabay.jpg
Rebecca Gabay  
Social Chair

Hi, my name is Rebecca Gabay and I am from New Rochelle, NY. I am a sophomore/junior (still remains TBD) majoring in Human Development, with aspirations to become an elementary school teacher. When I’m not studying or at Chabad, you'll usually find me hanging out with friends, watching Netflix, or at a spin class. 
Having attended SAR and then spending a year in Israel, coming to college posed major concerns on how I would maintain my Jewish identity. Very early on into my time at Binghamton I found that Chabad not only provided me with the foundational resources I needed to maintain my level of observance, but also created an atmosphere that allowed for my Jewish identity to grow and flourish. Whether through a lunch and learn class, a social event, or Shabbat 1800 (my personal favorite), Chabad seeks to provide each and every student with the opportunity to connect with Judaism in their own way. 
The message I would convey to any new student is to simply get involved in some manner. Be it through volunteering or spearheading an event, signing up for a J-learn class, or just helping out in the kitchen, you will come to find that getting involved with greatly enhance your college experience. I strongly encourage any new student to approach me with inquiries on how to do so. I look forward to greeting you at a Chabad event soon!

Brad Herringer.JPG
Eliana Cutler
Major Programming


Hi! My name is Eliana Cutler and I'm from Chicago, IL. I am currently a Junior majoring in Psychology with a Minor in Biology and I will be serving as Chabad's Major Programs Coordinator. When I am not studying or hanging around Chabad you can find me reading, with my friends, baking, or playing with little kids.
Coming to Binghamton all the way from Chicago was definitely overwhelming, but as soon as I met the Chabad staff, I was instantly comforted. Whether it be to find a quiet place to study or a Shabbat meal it definitely became my second home. Every event big or small, social or educational helps create a warm, loving and supportive community.
I would tell any new student that whether you are looking for an inspirational Torah class, a delicious Shabbos meal, or a fun mega event, there is something at Chabad for everyone as long as you make the effort.

Ori Karudo.jpg
Ori Karudo
Education Chair

Hey, I'm Ori from Roslyn, NY. I am in my junior year studying computer science. I am a proud Jew and on my free time I like to do Jewish things. Thank G‑d for Chabad and all the Jewish opportunities they give me. Chabad at Binghamton has been a special part of my first two years at Bing and I am sincerely glad that I can give back to the community this year as an E-board member. Look out for me in the hallways and prepare yourself to get educated! ;)