“You never graduate from Chabad of Binghamton.”


 You did it. 

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No matter your stage in life, you are still integral to the Chabad of Binghamton family

You passed through our doors for four years or more. We shared our thoughts, our feelings, our lives together.  


"Chabad at Binghamton felt like a home away from home.  I formed lasting friendships at the Chabad Shabbos tables - friendships which extend to the present time.  The Rabbis and Rebbetzins became a part of our lives- they knew us personally and interwove our Jewish values with our secular Binghamton lives.  Chabad continues to play an active role in my life today, providing me with continuous opportunities for growth and an enriching Jewish atmosphere, online learning courses, social alumni events in NYC, and so much more." 
Stephanie Sofier '17




Wherever you end up, you are backed by:

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"Chabad of Binghamton is as relevant to us today as when we were students. It remains a driving force in our spiritual lives. The presence of Chabad of Binghamton impacted the decision to send all three of our children to BU, knowing that they would continue to grow religiously while still being part of the greater campus community.  The entire staff are role models for inclusive, authentic Judaism. Today, the Slonims and the Chabad team are our religious mentors and our friends. Whether attending a class on line, turning to them as friends for advice, sharing a family event or visiting Binghamton, we know that Chabad of Binghamton is there for us."
 Lori (Lederman) '87 and Marc Ben-Ezra  '87


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