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Rohr Chabad Center for Jewish Student Life at Binghamton University 
420 Murray Hill Avenue ~ Vestal, NY 13850 ~ [email protected] ~ 607-797-0015

Shabbat at Chabad

For the health and safety of our community, RSVP is required for all Shabbat meals.   Text Events to 607-797-0015 to RSVP.

Shabbat Highlights 

Friday Night

First Shift

6:30pm ~ Spirited Kabbalat Shabbat services
7:20pm - 8:15pm ~ Delicious, home cooked dinner 

Second Shift
8:00pm ~ Spirited Kabbalat Shabbat services
8:30pm ~ Delicious, home cooked dinner 


9:30am ~ Shabbat morning services 
* 12:00pm - 12:45pm ~ Shabbat Kiddush 
6:00pm ~ Mincha services 
6:30 ~ Seudah Shelishit 
* Maariv and Havdallah
8:45pm ~ Chabad Cafe opens

Lulav and Etrog

This Sukkot own your own Lulav and Etrog set. Order a quality set from Israel through Chabad. 
Orders will be accepted until Friday, September 25th. The set is $40 and will be available for pick up at Chabad on Sunday, October 4th at Shacharit morning services.
For more information on the Mitzvah of Lulav and Etrog click here 
Reserve your Lulav and Etrog set now by clicking at

Jewish Bearcat of the Week
Featuring Hannah Greenawald
Why did you choose Binghamton University?
    I chose Binghamton University because I wanted a school that wasn’t too far from my home (New Jersey), and that had a strong Jewish community. I also knew that I was interested in studying Human Development, so I applied directly into that major. I liked that Binghamton provided a high level of education, without an overly competitive atmosphere. 

What is your favorite food?
    My favorite food is pasta with some form of cheese. Fettuccine alfredo is my first choice but Wackymac is almost as good.

What is your favorite Chabad memory?
    My favorite Chabad memory was running menorah distribution with my best friend, Michael Khaldarov. It was a very complicated operation which involved driving the van, but it was super rewarding and pushed me to get more involved with Chabad. 
Candle Lighting Times for
Shabbat Candle Lighting:
Friday, Sep. 25
6:37 pm
Shabbat Ends:
Shabbat, Sep. 26
7:35 pm
Holiday Begins:
Sunday, Sep. 27
6:34 pm
Holiday Ends:
Monday, Sep. 28
7:31 pm
Torah Portion: Ha'Azinu
Rabbi Tzvi Freeman

On such a holy, beautiful day, why do we recite a list of sins again and again?

Because one day of the year is not enough. We wish our souls to be united with her Beloved every day of the year.

So we read out loud through this list, and one by one, through G‑d’s great kindness and love for us, the stains on the clothing of our souls fade away. 

Then we rise higher, into a yet more intense light in which the stains can still be detected. And so we repeat the list again.

Until, by the end of Yom Kippur, we enter the new year in sparkling, fresh clothing for our souls. The essence-light of Yom Kippur may now shine within us for an entire year.

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