Shabbos Project! #KeepingItTogether + Rapper to Rabbi



Rohr Chabad Center for Jewish Student Life at Binghamton University 
420 Murray Hill Avenue ~ Vestal, NY 13850 ~ [email protected] ~ 607-797-0015

Shabbat at Chabad

Join Jews around the world in the International Shabbos project!  

This Shabbat, do just #OneMoreThing towards marking Shabbat as a meaningful day!  Join Chabad for meals, services, and anything in between as we take on The Shabbos Project and enhance your Shabbat experience! 
Click here for some ideas on #OneMoreThing that you can do.

Bring in this special Shabbat and light Shabbat candles together at Chabad at 5:30.

We welcome special guest Rabbi Motti Flikshtein.  From drug dealing Rapper to Chabad Rabbi, Rabbi Flikshtein shares his incredible life journey and transformation. He will also perform Rap/Slam Poetry from his acclaimed album "Coming Home."

For the health and safety of our community, RSVP is required for all Shabbat meals.   Text Events to 607-797-0015 to RSVP.


* 5:30pm ~ Light Shabbat candles 
6:00pm ~ Spirited Kabbalat Shabbat services 
7:00pm ~ Dinner and presentation by Rabbi Flikshtein
* Dessert buffet

9:30am ~ Shabbat morning services 
* 12:00pm ~ Shabbat lunch and presentation by Rabbi Flikshtein
* Mincha services 
5:45pm ~ Seudah Shelishit 
6:45pm ~ Maariv and Havdallah
8:30pm ~ Chabad Cafe opens


Live downtown? Join Chabad at 60 Henry Street
Kabbalat Shabbat Services at 7:00pm
Dinner at 7:30pm

Important Re: Next Shabbos

Next Shabbat, Oct. 29-30, Shabbat dinner and lunch at Chabad will only be open to Binghamton students.  We will not be able to accommodate any visitors for this week.  Please plan accordingly.

Jewish Bearcat of the Week
Featuring Nava Berenholz

What is your major, and why did you decide to pursue this degree?
I am majoring in psychology and I chose this major because I have always found a fascination in human behavior.

What is your favorite book? Why?
My favorite book is any of the books from the Harry Potter series. They are just enjoyable to me and a great escape.

Where are you from?  Where did you go to high school?
I am from Cleveland, Ohio and went to Fuchs Mizrachi for high school.

Where are you from?  Where did you go to high school?
I have a twin sister, a younger brother, and a younger sister.

What is your favorite Jewish food?  
My favorite Jewish food has to be challah. 

What is your favorite food?
My favorite non Jewish food is definitely a good burger.

If you were a breakfast cereal, which one would you be and why?
If I was a breakfast cereal, I would be fruit loops because it's got multiple fun flavors and I think I have multiple fun parts of my personality.

What is your favorite Jewish childhood memory?
My favorite Jewish childhood memory is spending rosh hashana with my whole family.

What is your favorite Chabad experience?
My favorite chabad experience is Friday night dinner. I love coming together and welcoming shabbat with Chabad.

What's your favorite lockdown experience?
My favorite lockdown experience was bleach tie dying shirts with my sisters. 

Upcoming Events
Color for Kids
Sunday, Oct. 24, 2021 Facebook event link
This is a Chai Lifeline Toy Drive Kick-off Fundraiser benefiting children suffering from cancer. Have a great time and support a great cause!
Featuring 5K run! music! refreshments! and T-shirts!
$18 a participiant
Register at
Pizza Bake
Thursday, Oct. 28, 2021 - 7:00 pm
DIY your favorite pizza while having a ball with your friends!
Water Pong Shabbat
Friday, Oct. 29, 2021 - 10:00 pm
Water Pong Shabbat! After Dinner. Closes out at 20 teams!
Registration Required to participate

Mega Challah Bake
Thursday, Nov. 11, 2021 - 7:00 pm
This will be different, this will be HUGE. Get ready Binghamton!
Bake delicious Challah, join with Binghamton, friends and alumni for an amazing and fun challah bake!
Candle Lighting Times for
Shabbat Candle Lighting:
Friday, Oct. 22
5:53 pm
Shabbat Ends:
Shabbat, Oct. 23
6:52 pm
Torah Portion: Vayeira
Rabbi Tzvi Freeman

This is the impossible position He has put us in: The paradox of outrage.

We believe that at the core of reality there lies a G‑d who is essentially good and cares for each one according to his or her needs, guiding each one to the right path, punishing wickedness and rewarding goodness in fair and equal measure. And so, over and over we are outraged—because what we experience flies in the face of this entire belief.

Yet, if we abandon either pole of the paradox, we might as well have never been born. If we learn to ignore the existence of the evil and the suffering, finding some justification for G‑d or simply hiding our heads in the sand—then for what purpose were we placed in such a world? To leave it as we found it? And what kind of a G‑d have our justifications created?

But if we should surrender our G‑d, concluding that, "there is no Judge and therefore no justice"--then what value does my life have? What value does any life have? And what, then, is the point of all the outrage?

This is the drama created by a G‑d entirely beyond any form of understanding—a drama powered by the agonizing tension of paradox.

They asked the Baal Shem Tov: "The Talmud tells us that for every thing G‑d forbade, He provided us something permissible of the same sort. He forbade us to eat blood and permitted the liver. He forbade milk and meat and permitted the cow's udder. If so, what did He permit that corresponds to the sin of heresy?"

The Baal Shem Tov replied: "Acts of kindness."

Because when you see a person suffering, you don't say, "G‑d runs the universe. G‑d will take care. G‑d knows what is best." You do everything in your power to relieve that suffering as though there is no G‑d. You become a heretic in G‑d's name.

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