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Hakesher Advertising/Sponsorship Opportunities

Why Advertise in or Sponsor Hakesher?
Hakesher, the new Chabad of Binghamton magazine will be mailed directly to almost 6000 individuals all of whom are connected to Chabad and Binghamton in some way. They are an educated, “primed to buy” target audience. The magazine features cutting edge design and original content plus photos and news about  individuals the readers care deeply about; we feel confident that it will be read and shared and will “stay around” for a while causing readers to see your ad multiple times.

Advertising your business or giving a personal sponsorship will help underwrite the cost of the magazine. Hakesher is an important way for the far- flung Chabad of Binghamton community to be brought together and strengthened.

Hakesher will be published four times each year.

Rates and Specifications:

Interior Positions

Ad Size    

1x Rate

2x Rate



Full page















Business Card







Ad Dimensions

Ad Size

Trim Size

Live Area

Bleed Size

Full page

8.375x 10.75

7.375 x 9.75

8.625 x 11

Back cover

8.375 x 8

7.375 x 7.5

8.625 x 8.25

1/2-page (vertical)

4.125 x 10.75

3.625 x 9.875

4.375 x 11

1/2-page (horizontal)

7.25 x 4.75

7.25 x 4.75


1/4 page

3.5 x 4.75

3.5 x 4.75


Business Card

 2 x 3.5

 2 x 3.5


Hakesher Sponsorship 

Mark a special occasion (engagement, wedding, birth, bar mitzvah) or remember a Yahrtzeit with a sponsorship of Hakesher

Chai Sponsorship


Diamond Sponsorship


Gold Sponsorship




Please contact us with any questions or concerns  

Additional Information

File Specifications

         We require press-ready files in the following formats: Acrobat PDF (press-optimized), EPS, TIFF. (If necessary, please include all supporting files, with fonts embedded or converted to outlines).

         Minimum resolution for bitmap artwork is 300 dpi.

         All ads with bleed must have .125” of bleed in addition to the “trim size” on all sides. No text or important elements should be outside the “live area” as noted above.

         All files will be quality checked and preflighted. Detailed file specifications are available upon request. If the ad artwork is not of the proper dimensions, it will be adjusted to fit the space. Please keep in mind that if the submitted artwork differs proportionally, there could be some elements omitted.

Hakesher is printed four-color process (CMYK) throughout, at 170-line screen on sheet-fed offset presses. Any ads submitted in spot-colors (PMS) or RGB will be converted to CMYK. Please note that there can be dramatic shifts in color when images are converted.

Magazine Size
Trim size of Hakesher is 8.375” x 10.75” (actual size of magazine)
Live Area: 7.375" X 9.75" (no important information should be bigger than this size)
Bleed size 8.625” x 11” (ads with bleed should be this size)

All ads should be sent press ready to  [email protected]