Dear parents,

    Sending young people off to college is one of the most difficult things for a parent. Four years away from home will cause irrevocable changes, ideally for the better, but there are no guarantees. Who is there for your child?

    The Chabad Center for Jewish Student Life has been meeting the religious, educational, social and pastoral needs of Jewish students at Binghamton University since 1985. Thousands of students have passed through our doors, their lives have been enriched, and wherever they go, they count themselves among the extended Chabad family.

    The Chabad Center — open 24/7 and home to an ever growing roster of Chabad provides a home away from home, a place filled with comfort and joy and Jewish prideactivities –has gained a reputation as one of the most successful campus in-reach and outreach programs in the country. Through all of our growth, our focus has remained fixed on the individual; on enriching the lives of each and every one of our students. On providing a home away from home, a place filled with comfort and joy and Jewish pride. Please take a moment to browse our site and familiarize yourself with our offerings: Shabbat, Social events, Classes, Services, and more. Visit our photo gallery. Get a feel for the pulsating Jewish community at Binghamton University.

    Most importantly, please know that we are here to serve your child. Hopefully their collegiate experience will be filled with all kinds of new and fun experience but should the need arise, we want you to know that there is always someone available to help your child . Our office handles emergencies, crisis intervention and referrals. We are also available to lend a listening ear if your child just needs to talk. If you have a specific concern or issue you wish to discuss please do not hesitate to contact any member of our staff or call us at (607) 797-0015.

    For some more basic information, please find a number of links below that we think might be helpful. We wish you much happiness from your family now and always.

Most Sincerely,

Rabbi Aaron Slonim,
Executive Director

P.S. Chabad is not funded by any central organization or agency. Our sole source of income is charitable donations from parents, alumni and friends. We must raise every dollar of our considerable budget through the generous donations of people like you. Please click here to help Chabad with your most generous tax deductible contribution today.