"Where do I fit in?"

A college campus, even a medium-sized one like Binghamton — can be a hard place to find one's niche. 

In a bustling campus pulsing with over 18,000 peers, it is easy to feel lost in the shuffle. Where can a pressured student kick back, relax and feel at home?

Walking through the doors of Chabad, the university shrinks. Each student is embraced  with unconditional  acceptance and a  close-knit family vibe. 


"You belong!" 

Chabad meets YOU -- the Jewish postmodern collegiate— where you are. 

Are you looking for the comfort of a bowl of homemade chicken soup?

Or are you seeking an easy way to form long-lasting friendships

Perhaps, you may need support to cope with the more intense pressures of campus life? 

Are you seeking resources that bolster your Jewish observance?

Or are you curious to explore your Jewish birthright?  


You belongNo matter where you come from or what you come for, Chabad is here for you.