Welcome to Visitors!


    Welcome to the Binghamton area. Whether you are a parent visitng your child, a student looking into studying in Bingahmton, visting on a business trip or for recreation, we take pleasure in welcoming you. Ours is a small but vibrant Jewish community. We hope your stay here will be rewarding. Below we have provided links with  basic points of information that we trust you will find helpful. For more information about the Jewish and general Binghamton community visit Jewish Binghamton info




Kosher Food







    - During the Fall and Spring Semesters at Binghamton University Chabad House holds daily and Shabbat and Holiday services click here for details. Daily, Shabbos and Holiday minyanim are held around the year at Beth David Synagogue, call (607) 722-1793 for detailed information.



    - A Mikvah for immersion by women is maintained by and in Beth David Synagogue, 39 Riverside Drive Binghamton, NY 13905.

To schedule an appointment call Susan Wright at ( 607) 772-8576 , Charney Oppenheim at ( 607) 723-6205 or Rebbetzin Judy Silber at  (607) 797-0196.



    - There is an eruv on the West Side of Binghamton surrounding Beth David. To check on the status of the Eruv contact Beth David at (607) 722-1793