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The Big Torah Tent

We get it. Everyone is coming from a different place when it comes to Jewish background and experience, and everyone is looking for something that will work for them. Uniquely them. We believe your college experience will be immeasurably enriched by adding Torah (Judaic) study to your weekly schedule. We are committed to making it as accessible and exciting as possible. From tentative beginner to seasoned scholar, we want to meet you where you are.

That’s why we created the BU Torah Tent, so that any and every Jew at Binghamton can get the exact type of Torah study they want/need.

Study with a buddy and enjoy a delicious dinner at our weekly Supper and Study program. Check out our many ongoing weekly classes. Join one of our focused JewishU courses .

If none of our classes work for you, may we recommend our Torah Takeout service for your consideration? We will tailor a one-on-one session for you with an instructor from among the Chabad staff of your choice, in a location that works for you, at a time that is convenient.

Happy studying!