Our Story




Rabbi Aaron and Rivkie Slonim

Rabbi Aaron Slonim was born in Jerusalem as a 7th generation “sabra”. 

Rivky Slonim is a second-generation Brooklynite.

All of their differences notwithstanding, they shared a dream to serve as Shluchim in the "Rebbe's Army." 

In November of 1984, they moved to Binghamton, NY with their baby, Levi Yitzchok, to open a Chabad House. From the start, it was clear they would dedicate most of their efforts to serve the needs of the large population at what was then SUNY Binghamton. Remarkably, although the Jewish demographic comprised almost fifty percent of the student body there was no organization meeting the needs of the Jewish students.  DSC_1117.jpg

Very quickly, the Chabad House grew, attracting larger and larger groups of students each semester. The tipping point came in the early 90's when Binghamton was recognized as a credible option for students who cared deeply for Jewish life on campus.The Chabad Center, the infrastructure of services, resources and amenities kept growing as did the number of students from all points across the country who were attracted to Binghamton specifically for its robust Jewish community.

  While it is gratifying to watch Chabad grow, for Rabbi and Rivky, it is really all about the individual. 


They recognize how formative the college years are and take their responsibility to their students very seriously. Aaron and Rivky want to enrich young people's lives; help them solidify and grow their Jewish identity and make important choices about their future at this critical juncture of their lives.

No matter how many generations have come and gone, Rabbi and Rivky can't wait to meet YOU, a pivotal member of the family.



 Rabbi Zalman and Rochel Chein 

A Brooklyn native, Rabbi Zalman Chein studied in Yeshivas in New York, Miami, Minnesota, and Israel. Rabbi Chein interned at Chabad of Tyson’s Corner, VA, and Chabad at UCSC in Santa Cruz, CA. Rabbi Chein is most often found engaged in deep conversations with students on campus, at Chabad, or in his home. His warm smile and insightful lessons endear him to all.





Rochel Chein grew up in a Chabad Center, the child of Chabad on Campus directors in Boston, MA. Witnessing first-hand the importance of the college years, Rochel knew that a campus center is where she wanted to be. Rochel studied in Jerusalem and has taught children and adults of all ages. Rochel is also a member of the “Ask the Rabbi” team at Chabad.org, answering questions from curious individuals around the world.

The Cheins joined the team at Chabad of Binghamton in 2009, bringing their warmth and their passion for Jewish education. They offer intriguing classes, one-on-one study, and engaging educational programs. The Chein family can’t wait to get to know you!





Rabbi Levi and Hadasa Slonim 


Rabbi Levi is a home grown talent. “Growing up within the BU Jewish community instilled in me a tremendous sense of pride.” Leaving home for middle school, Levi learned in respected Chabad yeshivos around the world. After receiving his Rabbinical ordination in Israel, Levi served rabbinic internships across the globe. A year after his marriage to Hadasah, the junior Slonims rejoined the Binghamton community, this time as shluchim of the Rebbe.  After successfully directing programming for 10 years, in 2018 Levi and his wife established the Chabad Downtown Center for locals and students involved in Greek life. Around campus, Levi earned the reputation as go-to guy for sound advice and a warm Farbrengen. Aside from the ever-bustling Downtown center, Levi is involved in global Chabad initiatives such as Igud Hashluchim, the Executive Shluchim committee. Levi, Hadasa and their nine children can’t wait to greet you personally in BU.

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From her beginnings in Detroit, MI, Hadasa knew she wanted to contribute to the future of Judaism. After completing her higher-level education in England, Hadasa became the director of the Friends at Home program for Friendship Circle of Livingston, NJ. In that capacity, Hadasa furthered her deep sensitivity and understanding of others. Following her marriage to Levi, Hadasa joined the welcoming Binghamton community where she quickly became known for her open home, warm one-on-one talks and heavenly Shabbat meals. Hadasa now focuses on creating stellar programming for the Jewish students in Greek life and Downtown.    



 Rabbi Sruly and Goldie Ohana  

 Rabbi O, as he’s known to many, started off in Crown Heights then studied in Israel and France, followed by a two year fellowship in Australia. After receiving his Rabbinical ordination, he served the Jewish communities of Cambodia, Vietnam, London, Italy and Peru. Shortly after marrying Goldie, Sruly moved with his family to Binghamton University to engage students and create meaningful programs. Students love bumping into Rabbi O and his sidekick, Meir, in the dining room, dorms and coffee shops. Sruly believes you can change the world and he can’t wait to meet and connect.

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Goldie was born a short 5 hours west of Binghamton, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Throughout her years of schooling, she led extracurricular activities in Pittsburgh and Israel. Goldie coordinated programs for many high schools, most notably for Beth Rivka, the flagship Chabad girl’s school. In 2019, Goldie moved out with her family to help service the ever growing Binghamton community. Bringing her signature spunk and personable manner, students enjoy coordinating events with Goldie as their leader. Students can often be found around Goldie’s table enjoying an array of delicious food and thought provoking conversation.