Enrich your day with Davening (prayer) from the heart in a warm, comfortable environment.


Services schedule as follows*:

Shachrit Morning services

  • Monday-Friday 7:30am (Rabi Yishmael)

  • Saturday 9:30am (Rabi Yishmael)

  • Sunday 9:00am (Rabi Yishmael)


Minchah and Maariv services

  • Sunday-Thursday at 15 minutes before sunset/nightfall

  • Saturday Minchah is following Shabbat lunch at approximately 1:30pm

  • Saturday night Maariv is followed by Havdallah at nightfall


Kabbalat Shabbat services

Spirited, student led Kabbalat Shabbat services - including divrei Torah and a Kiddush with hot snack.

  • 6:30pm during Daylight Savings Time

  • 6:00pm the rest of the year.

If you have any further questions, contact Rabbi Zalman Chein at [email protected]


*The minyan schedule applies when Binghamton University is in session.