You have a lot of big decisions to make. Decisions that impact your future.

Which university w ill best jump start your career?


Depending on your background, more factors can influence the choice. 

Will there be any sense of Jewish community in college?


On top of all the pressure, there can be an additional element of fear. 

What will it be like to live away from home?


Let's help with the decision process:  


Are you looking for a university that:

- Is not too big and not too small ?


- Has a highly regarded liberal arts program for a great price? 


- Has an eclectic, warm, tight-knit Jewish community?




Are you looking for a community that:


- Is marked by cooperation, growth, and acceptance rather than labels?


- Educates and involves you in Jewish life? 


- Has enough Jewish events any given week that you have to make some serious choices



Then Binghamton is just the place you were dreaming of.






These can be thrilling, yet unknown times. But you don’t have to go about it alone.


Chabad is here to help.

Tell us when you are accepted and we will keep the light on for you!


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