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College is an identity-building experience where students ask hard questions about the world around them. 

Can you help them explore their Judaism?


Your support ensures each student experiences care, connection and chooses J ewish continuity.






Help our students thrive. 


Chabad offers Jewish students in a secular college what they need most:

  A judgment-free community where they can be themselves.

Reminders they are not alone.

Infrastructure and resources for living Jewishly.

Opportunities to further their Jewish knowledge and involvement.

Pride and ownership of their identity.


By donating to Chabad of Binghamton, you make a difference in THOUSANDS of young lives.  



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  Your contribution goes directly to providing services for our students.  The students live on campus 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That means our job is 24/7 as well. We go above and beyond to give them the community, events, and individualized support they need to thrive. 


Crisis management, counseling and referrals

Chicken soup express

Chabad Cafe and Metropolis Deli

Fitness center

Jewish Greek Council


The Barry Raff Maasim Tovim foundation

Blood drive and bone marrow swiping

Student philanthropy

Student leadership




Shabbat 1800


Purim Carnival Extravaganza

Menorah Parade

Girls night out

Birthright Israel

Bar/ Bat Mitzvah Bash

Mega Challah Bake





Mezuza bank

Tefillin bank

Kitchen kashering

Chabad library



Torah Takeout

Sinai Scholars


Beit Medrash - Supper and Study




You can make a vast difference to the future of Judaism in Binghamton and beyond.


What happens in Binghamton does not stay in Binghamton. It affects the Jewish future, wherever  you may be.


Thank you for your generous support

All donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

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