Bar or Bat Mitzvah Celebrations For BU Students

There was a big celebration on Binghamton University's Campus Sunday and it wasn't your average college party.
Together, seven BU students celebrated a major milestone in their life.
Although a bar or bat mitzvah is traditionally held for a 13-year-old boy or 12-year-old girl
These college students were able to get back in touch with their jewish roots and enjoy their rite of passage.
"It's a great sense of community and just the fact that his was thrown in our honor and it's for people to get back to Judiasm, just that there is a community here that allows us to do this. It's really supporting in our faith and I just find that wonderful," David Kadyrov who is celebrating his Bar Mitzvah.
Family members and friends of the students traveled from throughout the tri-state area to help celebrate their special day. 

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