Student  Reflections  

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"Chabad teaches people to look inside themselves, to become introspective, to become more spiritual and ferret out what is important from what is not. They bring light where there is darkness and do their work with a positive energy that suppresses the negative influences in life." 

Bruce Teitelbaum ‘85 

    "It is not appropriate to designate Chabad a group since it is really a concept that was developed to show people the beauty of Judaism and the inspiring ways of the Torah. A group has boundaries, often with a set number of people that belong, but in Chabad there are no limitations. Every Jew at SUNY can reap the benefits of association with Chabad."

Lori Greenfield ‘86 

    "I think the warmth the Chabad House puts forth in their practice of Judaism helps people to be more comfortable with what they do…. I’ve never felt pushed or challenged—but more inspired."

Marc Ben Ezra ‘87

    "Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, Re Constructionist—these words have no meaning at Chabad. A Jew is a Jew, all are beautiful and all are greeted with equal enthusiasm."

Eric Goldstein ‘88

    "Chabad’s presence is reassuring… It reminds us of our Jewish heritage. It is a support for Jewish students away from home. It exposes us to Jewish culture and identity and awakens our Jewish spirit."

Amy Dechowitz ‘89

    "Chabad defines our heritage for people and shows us that you really can combine secular and Jewish life."

Shari Fisch ‘90

    "A Chabad Shabbos is an unforgettable experience. It puts you in touch with your neshama more than any other experience ever could."

Randy Goldberg ‘91

    "Chabad makes a Jew realize the importance of and how wonderful it is to be a Jew. When I attended Chabad I felt very proud to be a Jew."

Lisa P. Dukait ‘92

    "Chabad helps students grow and learn more about themselves. They teach us things we may not be able to learn in a classroom: morality and how to be a good person."

Avi Liberman ‘93

    "Chabad’s presence is a source of comfort and stability for all Jewish students and community members. Chabad fills a need so completely that it is difficult, if not impossible, to imagine life in Binghamton without it."

Amy T. Golubtchik ‘94

    "The Chabad House is the resource for Jewish students who seek answers to questions, a kind word, a warm smile, or a heaping dose of Shabbat atmosphere. Any day of the week, any moment of the day, the Chabad House is the ideal place to explore your feelings about Judaism."

Gila Zamir ‘95

    "I see Chabad House as a “home away from home” where Rabbi Slonim and Rivky are the parents and all of us are their children."

Marina Khvatyuk ‘96

    "Chabad brings people—all types of Jews— together and ignites new friendships. I can remember countless times when I would say “wow, I didn’t know he/she was Jewish,” which, in my opinion, is what Chabad is all about."

Amir I Herman ‘97

    "Chabad House at Binghamton is like a huge Wal Mart. It has anything you can possibly need when it comes to Jewish life. All you have to do is look…"

Josh Rosenfeld ‘98

    "I don’t think many college seniors can name the single place in the university where the most of their learning experience has occurred. I consider myself very fortunate, I know that place and it is the Chabad House at Binghamton.
    Chabad House has helped me to become a better Jew, a better person and a better woman."

Tanya Zelman ‘99

    "I know of no other organization that works to electrify Jews as Chabad House does. Chabad House not only helps unlock love and passion for Judaism in its students but teaches them to do the same for others."

Alan Zeitlin ‘00

    "I learned something new about the Jewish soul while in Binghamton. I thought I was religious because I kept Shabbos and ate Kosher. It turns out , though, that religious Jews aren’t so structurally defined. It’s very simple, actually. At Chabad House you eat homemade challah and potato salad with pickles on Friday night. You sit with your friends and you are surrounded by Shabbos. It doesn’t matter if you are going out later because while you’re eating the Matzo ball soup, you are consuming Shabbos.
    We’re all religious."

Carrie Joseph ‘01

    "It must be something in the Challah because for some reason, no matter how you enter Chabad, you always leave happier."

Maria Tsepilovan ‘02

    "For me and countless other students, Chabad House has been a place to share joys, whether it be scoring well on a test, finally picking a major, or celebrating a special birthday. Those who have celebrated at Chabad also know that when, God forbid, something bad happens, those same arms that reached out to dance with you are also always there to comfort and offer guidance in times of need."

Chana Maya Sidi ‘03

    "I remember how welcomed I felt at Chabad House and at their programs on campus as well. They work from such positive energy and enabled me to see the potential in myself. Chabad has taught me about Judaism, provided an outlet for growth and instilled a foundation to enable me to continue this journey."

Erica Ash ‘04

    "As a liberal Jew, I came to Binghamton rarely celebrating any Jewish holidays except for the biggies. However in my freshman year I gave in to peer pressure and went where all the students around me were going: the Chabad House on Friday nights! The opportunity to mingle with my fellow Jewish students, enjoy a weekly meal and become familiar with Hebrew prayers all over again was part of why I became so passionate about Binghamton University. Some of my most memorable events have been the Purim Carnival and Shabbat 1000 specifically because each so successfuly reaches out to the entire campus and shares with them our traditions and celebrations."

Matthew Schneider ‘05

    "Community. The Chabad House has built a community in the middle of nowhere; an oasis in the desert. It’s where we meet our friends, where we learn and where we find peace and comfort."

Jeremy Zenilman ‘06

     "Chabad has helped me grow both as a Jew and as a person. Now I can say I know what I believe and can face the world secure in those beliefs."

Shlomo Lockerman '07