The Pauline and Philip Piaker Memorial Lecture

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Mind Over Matter:
Demystifying and Managing Stress
by Unlocking
the Power of the Mind
Gill Heart, Ph.D.,

Born and raised in Israel, Dr. Gill Heart served for over 6 years in one of the elite, Special Forces units in the IDF.

Following his service, Dr. Heart sought higher education in the spirit of his Special Forces training and pursuit of excellence.

He received his PhD in Biomedical Engineering from Imperial College, London University. He then moved to the US and became an entrepreneur.

Over the past fifteen years, Dr. Heart founded and successfully managed US- and Israel-based venture-backed, medical device startups. His most current venture, MindInControl™ combines Dr. Heart’s Special Forces, IDF training, his clinical and business experience, and his knowledge of Jewish mysticism. He conducts workshops in both the corporate and personal environments training participants – through changing neural wiring and thought processes – to control emotional responses to stress\ triggers. The outcome is a rapid improvement in performance. 
In his lecture, Dr. Heart takes listeners through a unique and intense experience merging his Kabbalistic wisdom with the training he received from the Israel Defense Forces. He also provides them with tools for managing stress in their own lives and regaining focus when circumstances seem beyond control.

Thursday, October 11  7:00pm 
at the 
Chabad Center
420 Murray Hill Road 
Vestal, New York

Question and Answer session and Buffet Dessert to follow presentation.

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