"Each of us can serve as a leader. And one leader creates another and another, ad infinitum, just as one candle’s flame lights another and yet another. "

Students joining the G-board are committing to being active and involved participants in the events and programs held at Chabad at Binghamton.
In order to ensure that each member is active and involved, all members are expected to fulfill the following responsibilities:

  • Be an active member of (at least) one committee
  • Attend G-board and committee meetings (G-board meets approximately
    once a month, committees meet several times a semester)
  • Spearhead or be involved in the planning and execution of events, specifically those under the aegis of their committee.
  • Raise at least $50 towards each semester's charity drive
  • Assist with weekly tabling on campus
  • Volunteer for preparation and execution of events

If you are interested in joining Chabad's dynamic General Student Board, please fill out the application below.

Concerned you may not be able to meet the above responsibilities but still wish to remain involved and help out when possible? Then choose "officer" at the end of the application below.

Applications for the Fall semester of 2017 will be accepted until Wednesday, May 3rd 12:30pm.

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Full (first & Last) Name*
Year of Graduation*


Place of Residence*
What makes you a good candidate for Chabad
How would you like to contribute to the advancement of Jewish life on campus?*
Do you have any prior leadership experience?
If so in what area.*
Name, email and phone number of at least one reference we can contact*
Comments / Questions

Which of the following Committees would you be interested in?
Committee members brainstorm, plan, execute and are responsible for programming in their department.
Please select which committees you would like to join (please select a minimum of two) and indicate your preference from 1-8.

Ongoing classes, educational offerings, and special educational events

Greek Community
Events and programming with and for the Greek community

Major Programs
All major philanthropic, religious and mega events (such as Mitzvah Marathon, Purim Carnival and Shabbat 1500)

Mitzvah Corp
Weekly and holiday/seasonal visits to local nursing homes and assisted living / nursing homes and other periodic acts of Chesed

Publicity of all events and programs

Religious Affairs
Daily and weekly Minyan services and other religious needs of students such as on campus observance of Shabbat and Kashrut

Shabbat Programming
Extra Curricular Shabbat Dinners (Themed Shabbat's, BYOB, etc.)

Social Events
All social and recreational events

I am applying to join as a: *

G-board member.
I understand the responsibilities of being a G-board member and would like to get involved and contribute in the form of a G-board position.
CVC - Chabad Volunteers Committee.
I feel i may not be able to meet the above responsibilities but still wish to remain involved and help out when possible or otherwise wish to contribute in the form of joing the CVC.