Shabbat 1500 BU Balloon Bombardment 


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Orange balloons, orange t-shirts and red hot energy transformed the BU campus on Monday, March 19 with the execution of a "Balloon Bombardment" that advertised Shabbat 1500 set  to take place Friday, March 23, 2012 in the university Event Center. The Balloon festooned campus heralded this grand event in grand style and reminded people to get on line and reserve their seat at the huge Shabbat dinner.
Video by Alex Goldstein '12

Pioneered in 1996 by the Chabad Center for Jewish Student Life, Shabbat 1000 aims to unite a  huge and diverse group of Jewish students in a joyous and meaningful Jewish experience.  
Co-sponsored by Hillel-JSU and other groups on campus, the program empowers students to reach out and bring their friends—as their personal guests—to this event. 
In 2008, after having surpassed the one thousand mark for a number of years, the program was renamed Shabbat 1500. 
Shabbat 1000 (1500) is a National Chabad on Campus Initiative. 

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The Shabbat 1500 Dinner will take place on 
Friday March 23, 2012 @ 6:00pm promptly in the Events Center.  
 We are so excited you are joining us for this extraordinary event!  
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